In the interest of encouraging cross-cultural and interdisciplinary research, today we feature a door guardian from Ancient Egypt and another from China. Similarities and contrasts abound.

Men-Shen door-guard

Door gods at a temple in a Taichung, Taiwan neighborhood behind the central train station. 1989. (By Jeremy Kemp Uploaded by Jeremykemp at en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Squatting spotty dog guardian

This spotty flop-eared dog acts as one of 10 guardians within a portal in Book of the Dead 146. Tomb of Sennedjem (TT 1)

They can both wield weapons—for example a pair of swords, or a sword and axe for Men-Shen, and a butcher’s knife for the Ancient Egyptian guardians. Sometimes the Egyptian ones instead hold a reed or feather, or even nothing at all!







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