For those of you interested in Ancient Egyptian apotropaic magical devices (or ancient religion or magic in general), particularly the Middle Kingdom ivory magic wands, one of the most important works is still:

Altenmüller, Hartwig (1965), Die Apotropaia und die Götter mittelägyptens: Eine typologische und religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung der sogenannten “Zaubermesser” des Mittleren Reichs (München: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität).

[trans: The Apotropaia and Middle Kingdom Egyptian gods: A typological study and religious history of the so-called “magic knives” of the Middle Kingdom]

As it has been very difficult to find, it is especially exciting that this dissertation is now available on CD-ROM from Yare Egyptology. At only £20, with the royalties going to fund The Amarna Trust, it is a real bargain!

 Image courtesy of Amy Calvert

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