The Book of the Dead Project

Centred at Bonn University, Rita Lucarelli is part of this demon-filled project. For a direct link to the Database section, just click here.

Digital Heka

A digitized collection of ancient Egyptian magical texts of the Middle and New Kingdoms and their philological analysis as a preliminary to a Corpus Corpus grammar and style.  The project is directed by Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Fischer-Elfert.


The Art of Counting

Amy Calvert’s site dedicated to “Blending Art History, Ancient Egypt, and Statistics.” Visit here to learn about the data-driven research and Egyptology.

IDD: Iconography of Deities and Demons in the Ancient Near East

 An Iconographic Dictionary with Special Emphasis on First-Millennium BCE Palestine/Israel

The Ancient Egyptian Cobra Project

Cobra figurine representing demon-fighting fiery goddesses of ancient egypt

Replica of figurine ÄM 21961 now at the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung, Berlin

Late Bronze Age clay cobra figurines have been found in settlement and military sites in Egypt, Israel and Lebanon. They were used as conduits of prayer to the fiery cobra goddesses, and as apotropaic devices to protect against demons. They are part of the Demonology 2K project directed by Kasia Szpakowska.


 Sites that feature demons, daemons, liminal entities and supernatural creatures  in some way (not necessarily Ancient Egyptian).

The Natacha Rambova Archive, Yale University

Images from her unpublished manuscripts and archives, many of which feature demonic entities or paraphernalia.

The Pyramid

For a bit of fun and Egyptian inspired artwork, including clothing and gifts featuring the Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project logo.


“Your Guide To The Gods: Discover almost 4,000 gods, goddesses and spirits from around the world” A site that is light-hearted but more useful than you might initially expect.

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